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Stove Installation Service

Stove Installation Service

 Thinking of moving to solid fuel to cut your heating bills? Or just fancy a more comfortable living space! Contact us today to find out what is suitable for your home, what output is required from your appliance and where is the best place to install it.  supplies and installs flexible flue liners for your stoves and appliances. We are highly efficient at installing flue liners and connecting to stoves due to large demand in recent years.

We repair, rebuild and reline chimneys from all sizes and ages in accordance with the building regulations.

Installations will be signed off by HETAS or Metac Trained and Registered Installers and they will provide you with a receipt to state that we installed the stove and it is safe to use.

Contact us today to find out more about your stove installation or book your free call out & inspection. 

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